STAH Program

Safe Work Australia Reports:

Work related mental health conditions cost $543 Million for workers compensation each year, between 2010-2015

Above average costs and extended time off work for mental health claims.

$24,500 per claim versus $9,000 for all other claims

16 Weeks leave versus 5.5 weeks for all other claims

Productivity Commission Mental Health Report 2019.

$180 Billion per year; The Conservative estimates, mental ill-health and suicide is now costing the Australian economy.

$15 Billion attributed to lost productivity and reduced participation.

$17 Billion to Absenteeism and Presenteeism (lower productivity whilst at work)

Source: based on Productivity Commission data, Mental Health, Draft Report. October 2019.

The STAH Program

Developed to maximize the full potential of individuals and employees.

Investing in mental health and wellbeing enables people to excel in their chosen profession.

The STAH Program is the solution if you or your employees are suffering from mental health conditions affecting capacity to perform.

A drug free, non-regressive, nonjudgmental and stigma free program.

Contemporary treatment practices achieving 90% successful outcomes, embedded with Personal Development and Sustainable Solutions. (measured against industry standard Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scores (DASS))

STAH Program practitioners are:

Experienced, Personable, Compassionate, and Professional

STAH Program Outcomes

The Australain Drug epidemic is fuelling mental health issues and compounding the economic cost to Australia.

Table: Estimated annual methylamphetamine, cocaine, MDMA and heroin consumption, as total weight consumed nationally, Year 1 to Year 3 of the National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program

*Image source: Australain Criminal Intelligence Commission, National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program. Report 9, August 2019.

Employee Assistance Program

The STAH Program makes an excellent choice as an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

EAP’s are a critical step for job retention. Life challenges affect everyone differently which can be identified and sustainably resolved in the workplace.

Providing support can be cheaper than replacing a valuable team member. Advertising, training, and time before peak performance is costly versus retaining a skilled employee.

Psychological Injuries cost on average three times more in claims and time off work.

The STAH Program can make a significant difference to reduce costs with positive return to work outcomes.

Morale and workplace culture are bolstered with a Drug and Alcohol Management Plan (DAMP). 

EAP’s are a critical step in a DAMP. STAH Group provides a comprehensive DAMP and promotes EAP’s to foster employability and benefit the community.

Screening On Site is our Drug and Alcohol (D&A) testing division protecting all stakeholders.

Conditions the STAH Program is designed to alleviate






Gambling Addiction

Low Self Esteem

Panic Attack


Traumatic Events

Anger / Rage

Domestic Violence

Fear / Phobias

Sleep Disorder

Self Harm

Distressing Events

Lack of Confidence

Sex / Porn Addiction

Smoking Addiction

Eating Disorders


Alcohol Dependency

Drug Abuse

Auto Immune / IBS 

Beyond Blue Has Reported

Over 2% of the Australian workforce is on methamphetamines at work according to “The ICE Age”, Business SA White Paper 2018

*Image source: Australain Criminal Intelligence Commission, National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program. Report 9, August 2019.

Key Target Groups For Those Most At Risk



Defence Force Members

Marginalised Individuals

Regionally isolated

First Responders


Workers Compensation Claimants

Prison & Security Officers

Abuse victims

Trauma Sufferers

Social & Welfare Professionals

CFS volunteers


Corporate sector

STAH Program Overview

Willing participants undergo a transformational change.

A Strategy Session is conducted to ensure commitment and understanding for the best outcome.

A Personal Development Plan is tailored to the needs of each individual.

Personal assessments are conducted to identify Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scores (DASS) ratings throughout the program. 

Personal Development Plans provide the steps needed to initiate the STAH Program. 

Pre-program sessions can be delivered to prepare individuals.

Stage I

First, we identify communication attributes to grow understanding and acceptance of one’s self. This key step strengthens communication skills, educates participants on how to communicate with others, improves confidence, builds self-worth and facilitates effective relationships.

Stage II

The core of the STAH Program. One on one sessions are booked with our experienced and skilled practitioners. DASS is measured throughout the sessions to identify improvement. Confidential sessions identify issues affecting participants and then empower them to become Victors of their circumstances.

Previous trigger points causing negative behavioural patterns are dealt with to no longer pose problems. Confidence, self-belief, and a positive future is then the focus.

This process is conducted over 4-6-weeks. Our practitioners are adaptable to the needs and rate of transformational change for participants. The DASS coupled with feedback is our measurement of success.

Follow up contact is maintained over three months to evaluate and substantiate success. If an area of need is identified, a session plan is implemented to maintain the successful path participants are on.

The relationship between participant and practitioner is vital and we keep an open channel for support.

Stage III

Personal Development, specific psychometric analysis used to measure personal strengths and traits of an individual.

Participants can then identify the education, professional development and career paths best suited to them.

Focussed and armed with a guide to success, tailored to one’s abilities, promotes job retention and job satisfaction which in turn creates a happier, higher achiever creating higher job productivity and participation.

Stage IV

To complete our sustainable solution for mental health and wellbeing the STAH Program can provide a budgeting program. Individuals who may have been struggling to manage their finances in the past are now skilled and focussed. A budgeting plan helps reduce the stress of managing funds, so they are in control of their income and future.

The STAH Program is designed to suit the needs of individuals or organisations.

Package 1. Stage I & II

Package 2. Stage I- IV

Package 3. Professional Development, Stage I & III

A package can be designed for your successful future. Contact us today.


For Workplace
  • Reduced absenteism
  • Safer workplace
  • Good morale
  • Increased productivity
  • Retraining costs reduced
  • Improved workplace culture
  • Return to work rate increased where mental health is an issue
  • Workers compensation claims lowered for mental health
For Individuals
  • Improved mental health and wellbeing
  • Strengthened resilience to past emotional trigger points
  • Self-worth/ self-esteem increased
  • Increased family engagement
  • Stronger communication skills
  • Determined career path
  • Greater employability options
  • Workplace retention increased
  • Progressed social skills
  • Positive behavioural patterns established
  • Positive contributor to the community
  • Reduced drug and alcohol abuse
For Community
  • Safer community
  • Stronger family units
  • Reduced burden on government and social services
  • Higher engaged community
  • Unemployment rate decreased
  • Police and Hospital strain lowered
  • Higher Gross Domestic Product
  • Greater volunteer and community engagement

Stand-Out Results

The STAH Program’s skilled practitioners have been achieving excellent results averaging 90% successful outcomes.

We measure outcomes with the industry standard Depression Anxiety Stress Score (DASS) coupled with the feedback from participants.

A successful outcome is determined when DASS ratings are seen at the normal day to day operating levels as per the tables and a participants assessment showing their personal conditions which were the reason for joining the STAH Program are no longer causing issues with their ability to perform or live contended lives.

The graphs shown here are the DASS rating for participants who are only two sessions into the Program.  Their initial rating pre-program is in Blue and after just two sessions the orange shows the immediate benefits and new rating.

This clearly shows how quickly serious issues can be dealt with giving participants the ability to embrace life, their future and move forward with confidence.

Imagine what the STAH Program can do for you.

Stress Scores
Before and after only two sessions of the STAH Program

Depression Score
Before and after only two sessions of the STAH Program

Anxiety Score
Before and after only two sessions of the STAH Program

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